Family History and Genealogy

I n archival books from before over 300 years (from 1703) we found first mentions about persons bearing surname "FORMANOWICZ". These books seem to indicate, that in this time three Formanowicz artisan families settled - almost simultaneously - In small villages in Wielkopolska: Buk, Gostyn, Wielichowo. We do not know from where have they arrived. However, we think that somewhere in these regions there is a common cradle of this family.

Polish base of surnames mentions about 423 presently living person bearing surname:

Formanowicz, Furmanowicz, FĂłrmanowicz - pisownia nazwiska

(What do we know about spelling of our surname?)

I dedicate this site to our ancestors.

Hard work of many people (you can read about them in notices) allowed us to set together three branches of our genealogical tree. Unfortunately, we haven’t found their common trunk yet. We’re still looking for it.

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Consciousness of personal past helps us to join the long line of generations to transfer to others our common good - homeland"
- John Paul II

drzewo genealogiczne

At the beginning of XX century
Valentine Formanowicz
emigrated to Brasil.
I am looking for his family.